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adorable-20374_1280Can be very effective when used in conjunction with other natural therapies to address and resolve a variety of physical and emotional health issues that an infant or child might experience.  Issues such as Birth Trauma, Colic, Constipation, Latching /Feeding issues, Sleep, Speech and Mobility or Developmental issues, etc.

In a situation where the birth process was not ideal, (C-section, Forceps / Vacuum assisted delivery, Nuchal Cord [when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the baby’s neck] and Meconium Aspiration complications), Craniosacral Fascial Therapy can also allow a baby to re-experience the birth process and realign its life’s journey from a place of equilibrium and normalcy.  Craniosacral Fascial Therapy can also be very beneficial to the mom in situations where the mom’s experience was less than ideal.  Issues such as physical or emotional pain and trauma, fear, guilt and anxiety can be gently supported and addressed through natural therapies like Craniosacral Therapy and Bodymind Acupressure.  These natural therapies help the mom and baby to reconnect and heal  any unresolved health issues connected to pregnancy or birth.  When a mother’s mind, body and spirit come back into balance it can go a long way in ensuring that she serves her baby from a place of peace and self-support.


The birthing process may involve heavy and strenuous labor for the mother and baby.

During the birth process the mother’s and baby’s bodies are meant to work together baby-22079_1280in harmony to ensure a smooth delivery.  In reality the experience of the birth process may be less than ideal for both the mother and baby.

In the birth process strong compression and decompression forces enable the baby’s cranial bones slide over one another and mold in order to pass through the mother’s pelvis and into the birth canal.  The bones should normally slide back into place after birth.  Sometimes the bones of the baby’s skull get stuck and don’t go back into position, which can then cause the tissues, nerves and blood vessels in the area to get tight and restricted.  When the function of the nerves, tissues and blood vessels is compromised it can result in health issues like Colic, Breathing Difficulties, Restlessness, Sleep Problems, Swallowing, Digestive Difficulties and more.

A vulnerable area is the base of the skull through which nerves and blood vessels go in and out.  The Vagus nerve which runs through this area affects speaking, swallowing, coughing among other functions of all organs.


A baby may experience physical or emotional trauma in utero or during the birth process.  A Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) session is gbaby-303071_1280entle and can safely and effectively address and resolve these and other issues that may arise from a Cesarian birth, a Forceps delivery, a Vacuum extraction birth or Delayed or Complicated labor.

Babies are highly adaptable and so it is ideal for a baby to get evaluated with Craniosacral Fascial Therapy soon after birth.

During a Craniosacral Fascial Session as the compression forces and the tension in the tissues are released and the breathing becomes easier a baby may cry to release trauma and accompanying emotions.  This is a normal part of the process as the tissues of the body release long held trauma.

The sessions can be very deeply relaxing and it is not unusual for a baby to sleep for longer than usual after a session.

In releasing the tension and restrictions in the tissues, nerves and blood vessels Craniosacral Fascial Therapy can allow the nervous system to function and the other systems of the body to function at their optimal.

Bodymind Acupressure® can also be used as a gentle and supportive therapy to assist the mother and baby in healing from emotional and physical complications that may have occurred during the birth process.


Cesarean births may be elective and emergency or engaged.   Elective cesarean births are where the baby was not engaged in the birth canal.   In the latter cesarean birth the baby was engaged and may have been far into its birthing process.

In an elective cesarean there is a rapid pressure change in the autonomic nervous system where shock of the parasympathetic nervous system is common.  This can hospital-721240_1280manifest as babies who sleep a lot and might be viewed as ‘quiet babies.’  As the child develops and grows in to an adult this characteristic can show up as low motivation, low energy levels and or chronic fatigue.

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy can help to facilitate and restore a more sympathetic tone to the nervous system.

In an emergency cesarean the sympathetic nervous system is commonly engaged during the birth process which then brings in the the timing and forces of a natural birth.  When the baby’s cranium encounters these unusual forces it isn’t designed to meet, this can then create unusual cranial patterns due to forces of the pull.  This can result in poor orientation and sense of boundaries for the infant.

These patterns can be felt upon examination of the infant’s cranium and sacrum, two of the essentials components of Craniosacral Fascial system.

In working with the infant’s cranium and sacrum we facilitate a calmness, reorientation and balancing of its nervous system.  This reorientation can then allow the infant to be more alert, present and better engaged in its activity, communication and interaction.


Tightness and restrictions in the fascial web of the body may contribute towards impaired functioning within the different systems of the body including the Digestive, Endocrine, Circulatory, Respiratory, Excretory and Immune system.

If your infant or young child is experiencing issues with Sleeping, Digestion, Elimination, Cognitive, Behavioral or Social interactions it may be due to restrictions and tightness in their Craniosacral Fascial system.

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy can be a safe, effective option to addressing and possibly resolving your infant or toddler’s physical or emotional health challenges.

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“Rekha connected to my baby immediately, made us feel comfortable and made valuable recommendations on how I could help him at home.”

“Last year when our son was born he developed a blocked tear duct in one eye. After three months the tear duct still had not resolved itself on its own, so instead of taking an invasive route I wanted to find more natural ways to help our baby boy. Our chiropractor suggested Craniosacral Therapy and I knew exactly who to contact. A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Rekha and received a sample of Craniosacral Therapy. I immediately called her to see if she could work on our son and was able to make an appointment that worked well with our schedule. I felt very comfortable with Rekha’s work during my sample session and knew that this therapy would benefit our baby’s health.

Rekha’s touch is gentle and soothing, and it was amazing to watch her connect with my baby immediately. During the sessions he would gently drift off to sleep which was beautiful to watch and really noticed an improvement in his sleep even after the first therapy session. She made us both feel very comfortable, and I was able to attend to his every need while she worked on him. Rekha also made valuable recommendations on how I could help my son at home by use of gentle massage and essential oils. I highly recommend seeing Rekha if your baby has any health challenges and you are looking for natural ways to help your child. I have no doubt that she can help you.”

 Katie P.

“Craniosacral Fascial Therapy sessions with Rekha helped my son to be calmer, sleep better, be less constipated and to eliminate his small seizures.”

My son who is on the Asperger spectrum started receiving Craniosacral Fascial Therapy from Rekha from the age of 7 – 9. I found that after his therapy sessions he was calmer and slept better. I think that that the CFT contributed to eliminating small seizures he was having during the night. I started to notice that his eating also began to improve. Previously he could only eat very soft foods, but soon he was able to eat crunchier things without it bothering him. Since Craniosacral Therapy works on soft tissue I feel that the CFT reset his jaw and tongue so that he could eat better and talk better. I also felt that his immune system started to get stronger.

As his hips and sacrum got less tight going to the bathroom became easier for him and he was not as constipated. He loved his sessions and looked forward to them. I observed at times how relaxed and happy he seemed while receiving the sessions. I knew and trusted Rekha and it was important to me that my child was safe, and that the sessions were gentle and very supportive of his needs.

If your child is a special needs child and requires greater care and attention consider Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. I highly recommend working with Rekha.

 Lino A.