Testimonials: What Our Clients Are Saying

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Rekha’s work with Infants & Children

“Very Relaxing and Calming” 

It was very relaxing and calming. I really liked it a lot.

Cameron W, Age 10

“Craniosacral Fascial Therapy sessions with Rekha helped my son to be calmer, sleep better, be less constipated and to eliminate his small seizures”

My son who is in the Asperger spectrum started receiving Craniosacral Fascial Therapy from Rekha from the age of 7 – 9. I found that after his therapy sessions he was calmer and slept better. I think that that the CFT contributed to eliminating small seizures he was having during the night. I started to notice that his eating also began to improve. Previously he could only eat very soft foods, but soon he was able to eat crunchier things without it bothering him. Since Craniosacral Therapy works on soft tissue I feel that the CFT reset his jaw and tongue so that he could eat better and talk better. I also felt that his immune system started to get stronger.

As his hips and sacrum got less tight going to the bathroom became easier for him and he was not as constipated. He loved his sessions and looked forward to them. I observed at times how relaxed and happy he seemed while receiving the sessions. I knew and trusted Rekha and it was important to me that my child was safe, and that the sessions were gentle and very supportive of his needs.

If your child is a special needs child and requires greater care and attention consider Craniosacral Fascial Therapy. I highly recommend working with Rekha.

Lino A.

“Rekha connected to my baby immediately, made us feel comfortable and made valuable recommendations on how I could help him at home.”

Last year when our son was born he developed a blocked tear duct in one eye.  After three months the tear duct still had not resolved itself on its own, so instead of taking an invasive route I wanted to find more natural ways to help our baby boy.  Our chiropractor suggested Craniosacral Therapy and I knew exactly who to contact.  A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Rekha and received a sample of Craniosacral Therapy.  I immediately called her to see if she could work on our son and was able to make an appointment that worked well with our schedule.  I felt very comfortable with Rekha’s work during my sample session and knew that this therapy would benefit our baby’s health.

Rekha’s touch is gentle and soothing, and it was amazing to watch her connect with my baby immediately. During the sessions he would gently drift off to sleep which was beautiful to watch and really noticed an improvement in his sleep even after the first therapy session.  She made us both feel very comfortable, and I was able to attend to his every need while she worked on him.  Rekha also made valuable recommendations on how I could help my son at home by use of gentle massage and essential oils.  I highly recommend seeing Rekha if your baby has any health challenges and you are looking for natural ways to help your child.  I have no doubt that she can help you.

Katie P.

Rekha’s work with Adults

“I always felt safe and comfortable in Rekha’s hands.”

I had been experiencing 20 – 25 headaches a month for at least 4 years. They had become so intense and frequent that I had to stop practicing yoga.  I decided to try Craniosacral Fascial Therapy treatments after Rekha offered me a sample.  I went to Rekha for a little over 2 months and the treatments and recommendations she offered allowed me to relax, release my tension and lift my energy level.  I have not had a headache for over a month and could not be happier.   I always felt safe and comfortable in Rekha’s hands and would recommend her services to anyone.


“With Rekha’s support, I am now back to being active and enjoying my activities, and I have a positive outlook on all of my possibilities.”

I had the unique opportunity to experience Cranial Sacral Therapy with Rekha.  I started my therapy visits in a time of need.  I had multiple joint dysfunctions from acute to chronic pain, under the care of a team of doctors, and was having no success.  On top of time consuming doctor visits, I had various medical treatments, among them joint injections and physical therapy, none of which worked for any consistent change.  I was at a really low point in believing that I would ever get back to the happy and active version of me.

As some can relate, it was hard to keep my confidence up when the medication I was using to treat my ailments produced results that were less than spectacular.  I was experiencing such sadness, and losing hope.  It was ONLY when Rekha assured me with her therapy and invaluable support, that I would be able to heal to regain the fun & exciting life I wanted, did I see experience a glimpse of hope.  Since I had never had Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, I was willing to give it a try.  After all, what did I have to lose?

Craniosacral Fascial therapy and Rekha’s work is different.  It’s not what I was used to using in trying to figure out how to make myself feel better.  I kept an open mind and allowed the process to unfold, and I am grateful I did.  With Rekha’s support, I am now back to being active and enjoying my activities, and I have a positive outlook on all of my possibilities.

I would encourage anyone struggling or needing support for any issue to take a chance on Rekha’s Craniosacral Fascial Therapy sessions.  If you want to see the light and the end of the tunnel, climb out of the woods of darkness and be the best version of “you,” then take chance and explore this therapy.   I am incredibly grateful I did and would encourage anyone else to give this unique therapy a try.

Amy C.

“I can honestly say that her therapy was effective, and the way she seemed to have an instinct for knowing where my pain really began and needed to be soothed was AMAZING!”

I first met Rekha when I happened to be seated next to her at an event.  I mentioned to Rekha that I have been plagued with pain for most of my life due to migraine headaches and various accidents that left me with arthritis of the neck.  Throughout the years, I had sought all types of both medical and non-invasive and non-medical help (massage therapists, chiropractors, neck surgery at the Laser Spine Institute, acupuncture, yoga, various types of exercises, and many others); however, nothing ever really helped my pain effectively long term.  Several months after meeting Rekha, she called me and explained in depth how her benefits could help me, so I agreed to give it a try.  I can honestly say that her therapy was effective, and I appreciated the fact that she showed me how to help myself to continue improvement following her visits.  The recommendations she made were most effective in helping me help myself, and the way she seemed to have an instinct for knowing where my pain really began and needed to be soothed was AMAZING!  She truly cares about her clients.  For anyone in pain who is about to give up on getting relief, I highly recommend they give Rekha a try!

Jackie B.

“Rekha helped me to become less inhibited & anxious, and to become calm, confident, focused, adventurous and assertive.”

I came to Rekha on the recommendation of a friend. I had previously tried Acupuncture to address the Anxiety and other issues I’d been experiencing. Although Acupuncture did help me with some issues, my acupuncturist told me he could not help me beyond a certain point. Then I met Rekha.

I was hesitant when she said she could help me, but I was open. She has helped me to become less inhibited and anxious, and to become calm, confident and adventurous. The Acupressure and Aromatherapy combined with her suggestions have been the catalyst to help me become free, focused, confident and assertive. I feel eager to move forward. I strongly recommend Rekha and her work if you want to become well, whole and healthy.

Frank V.

“Her Care, Concern & Desire to Help Was A Blessing And A Gift.”

I asked Rekha’s advice regarding some neck and back pain that I had been experiencing.  In less than 10 minutes of conversing, I came away with more than I expected.  Rekha’s care, concern and desire to address my health issues wholistically was a blessing and a gift.  The techniques that she recommended were insightful, helpful and THEY WORKED!  In fact, a migraine that I was experiencing, also simultaneously disappeared, and I felt better IMMEDIATELY.  I continue to use the techniques she taught me at home whenever my muscles begin getting tense.  My advice to those thinking of getting started with Rekha is ‘DO IT’.  You will be so glad you did.  I know I am!

Kim B.

“Rekha’s Work Brought Me Profound & Sustained Relief. She Is An Incredibly Skilled, Wise and Deeply Intuitive Wholistic Healer.”

I started to see Rekha because I was seeking an alternative healing approach to address a variety of health issues I had been experiencing for years. She is an incredibly skilled and deeply intuitive wholistic healer. She is a kind and careful listener as well as a great teacher, balancing bodywork with spiritual guidance and practical life-skill advice. Her work feels deeply relaxing and restorative.

I had experienced extreme energy imbalances when I came to see her. I felt as if I was riding an energy roller-coaster. Rekha’s work has brought profound and sustained relief. I feel my energy in balance and have become more able to perceive and accept low energy when it occurs.

Another chronic issue that I came to address were my allergies. When starting treatment, I was on heavy steroid medication both for my sinuses and lungs. I constantly felt like I was drowning in my own lungs and my nose was all but useless for breathing. Rekha has worked continuously and for several months on these issues. Healing and improvements here were slow and often too subtle to notice. I trusted her work though and understood that profound healing often takes some time, especially with an issue that has been part of me since early childhood. Now, I can say that I am freely breathing through my nose again, my lungs are free and clear and I am off the medication. I am deeply appreciative for the miracle of healing Rekha was able to achieve. May her gift bring deep healing to you as well.

J. S.

“The Experience and Knowledge She Brings is Amazing.”

Perhaps you’ve read testimonials for many businesses and are a bit doubtful as to their validity, but I want to share that with Rekha there is something truly special about her work and dedication to her clients.  From the moment I met her, before I became a client, I felt a calmness around her.  As a client, the experience and knowledge she brings to her sessions is amazing.  If you are searching for someone with a deep understanding, passion and caring for her work and her clients, you would do well to schedule a consultation with Rekha.  You won’t regret it.

Dinette R.

“My Sinus Headache is Gone!”

Rekha was wonderful! I could feel her energy radiating into me right away. I came in with a heavy sinus headache and after 15 minutes with Rekha, it was gone and I felt so centered and relaxed. Thanks so much!

Michelle R. J.

“An Unwinding of Stress and Pain; a Very Healing Session”

A Jin Shin Do session with Rekha is a nurturing and profound experience.  It is an unwinding of stress and pain, and letting in of light; completely healing.  She is very intuitive and compassionate, and her presence is one of awareness.

Lino A.

“The Whole Session Was Nothing Short of ‘Wow’!”

It had been quite a while between Jin Shin Do® sessions with Rekha, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I got on the table and she began working on me. The whole session was nothing short of “wow”!  I finished the session feeling totally relaxed and at ease with myself and the world, muscle tension relieved, more flexible, and feeling happier.  I truly “zoned out” and went to that therapeutic place where healing happens.  Can’t wait for my next session.  Rekha is truly one of the best bodyworkers I have ever met, a star in her field!

Jeannette F.,R.N.

“Complete Relief From Back Pain”

I have received treatments from Rekha, which gave me complete relief from back pain. She has a wonderful touch and ability. Thanks, Rekha!

Rick B.

“She Has A Special Gift to Create A Healing Session For You”

Experience a wonderful Jin Shin Do session with Rekha. Jin Shin Do®, translated, means “The way of the compassionate spirit” . It helps to merge our emotional component with our body/mind/spirit.

Rekha has a special gift of intuitively being guided to create a healing session just for you.

Jin Shin Do® is a gentle acupressure technique that is used to assess, stimulate and move energy through the body, creating wholeness and tranquility.

Maureena S.

“I Left Every Session Feeling Calm, Centered and Balanced”

I really enjoyed my Jin Sin Do Bodymind Acupressure sessions with Rekha. I came to her to help with stress and left every session feeling calm, centered and balanced. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

Angela P.

“My Time Spent with Rekha Was Peaceful, Relaxing & Very Healing”

While I knew the acupressure session would be relaxing, I was not prepared for the extent of it.  There were times when I was not even aware of my body, the relaxation was so great.  Rekha’s intuitiveness of the areas needing work matched the areas I was hoping she would concentrate on.  My time spent with Rekha was peaceful, relaxing and very healing.  I would recommend a session to anyone who wishes to be cared for in a gentle, healing way.

JoAnn P.

“I Felt So Safe, Secure and Cared About”

I have received a number of treatments from Rekha and have always benefited from them greatly.  Her kind and compassionate manner,while treating me, made it that much more effective.  I felt a lightness and a sense of inner peace.  Pains that I have experienced in various parts of my body are now gone.  As she was working on me, I went into a deep almost sleep state, which actually felt more like a meditative state.  I felt so safe, secure and cared about.  I would highly recommend anyone to avail themselves of her skills and gifts as she is very conscientious and meticulous about treating the whole person and addressing concerns.

Andrea B.

“A Very Calming, Soothing and Relaxing Experience”

My session with Rekha was a new and relaxing experience that I was a little scared to try at first. However, it was extremely peaceful, relaxing and sensational. Thankful that I tried it!

P. T.

“I felt better than I’ve ever felt after any traditional treatment or medication.”

As a chronic pain sufferer due to Fibromyalgia, I’ve tried everything to reduce my pain and increase my energy.  In a moment of desperation, I sought Rekha out to see if she could reduce the pain that I was experiencing.  Not only did she reduce my pain, but I felt better than I’ve ever felt after any traditional treatment or medication.  Every time I see her, the result is the same.  She is truly a miracle worker, able to do more for me than any doctor ever has.  If you suffer from chronic pain or anything that inhibits your quality of life, you need Rekha in your life.  She truly cares about her clients and brings that energy to every interaction.  My only complaint is that I can’t keep her in my pocket to have her with me at all times!

Charity S.

“A Very Calming, Soothing and Relaxing Experience”

My session with Rekha was a very calming, soothing and relaxing experience. It was like floating on a series of rolling waves in a warm embrace.

Norm Y.

“You Could Not Be In Better Hands to Receive The Support You Need”

I am happy to be able to tell others of my experience with receiving therapy from Rekha. For a little over two years I received mostly Craniosacral Therapy, but also some Bodymind Acupressure® and Reiki. I was suffering lingering pain from physical injuries and stress from trying emotional situations.

Rekha’s work has helped me address issues like sciatica, overstretched and repetitive stressed joints, skiing injuries and even a mal-aligned dental bite among other things. However, just as important is how her therapy made me aware of underlying problems and empowered me to address emotional, mental and physical issues that were previously hidden from my consciousness. Her therapy has made me more aware of what my body and mind is trying to tell me. Plus, Rekha has offered options and lifestyle changes on how to deal with these issues.
I trust her judgement and value her insights. Her kindness and patience was most supportive.
Anyone looking to stop their pain and stress or maintain their emotional, mental and physical health should seek therapy with Rekha. You could not be in better hands to receive the support you need.

George D.

“A Total Body release. I Felt Energized, Balanced and Pain Free.”

My session with you was like a total body release. I have been involved in several auto accidents and have chronic lower back and shoulder pain from my injuries. Before you worked on me, my shoulders and back were tense and tight. After the craniosacral session, I felt like a weight was removed from my shoulders and my whole body was put back into alignment. One session with you was like being treated by a chiropractor and energy worker at the same time. I felt energized, balanced and pain free after the 2 hour session you did for me.

Linda S.

“I Found A Much Reduced Need to Self Medicate.”

I came to Rekha for some Craniosacral therapy because I had read that it helps alleviate some of the stresses of sensory over stimulation that I had been battling with. Rekha is a very dedicated healer that puts forth a total effort. Every session is tailored to what she senses is your most immediate need. After our sessions ended, I noticed a dramatic change in the way I reacted to auditory stimuli. I am able to maintain a calmness and tolerate a great deal more than I ever could prior to the sessions, and also I found a much reduced need to self medicate as a means to numb my mind to external stimuli.

Michael P.

“I Come Away With An Overall Feeling of Healthy Peacefulness.”

Your sessions leave me feeling very fulfilled and peaceful. Even though I might seek help on a specific part of my body, I come away with an overall feeling of healthy peacefulness. I do feel that I would prefer not to fall asleep. I have no reason to say this but I think if I could be made to stay awake, I could be more “participatory” in the healing process. Maybe someone my age needs to sleep. LOL.

Nick N.

“Releasing and Pain Relieving. WOW!”

Relaxing and pain relieving. Everyone with a neck or shoulder problem should do this. WOW! I like it.

Carol S.

“An Immediate Release of Pressure and Pain”

The massage was very gentle and soothing. It made me feel extremely refreshed afterwards.
I felt the acupressure was an immediate release of pressure and pain, actually, all my symptoms associated with my sinus/ear problem!
It’s amazing to feel so much better and I loved how gentle and caring Rekha was! THANK YOU!

Jacqui J.

“Your Aromatherapy treatment lifted my spirits and made me feel a whole lot better.”

Rekha your Aromatherapy treatment this morning not only lifted my spirits it also enhanced my mental clarity.  Just your boldness to approach me to help resolve my fatigue went a long way in making me feel better.  Thank you!

James P.

“The Benefits Were Immediate and Effective Without Any Side Effects”

I recently developed a very bad gastric viral infection that lasted for many days. I’ve known Rekha for a long time and when she found out, she recommended that I try Aromatherapy along with other natural remedies. I trust Rekha’s advice and experience and decided to follow her recommendations. The benefits were immediate and effective in helping me recover quickly and without any side effects. If you need help with a health issue call Rekha right now! THANK YOU, Rekha!.

Shila V.

“Her Therapy and Advice Have Served Me Well On Many Occasions”

For years I’ve suffered with chronic symptoms of coughing and wheezing that usually accompany a cold, and often turn to asthma. Recently, during a bad cold I agreed to try aromatherapy. I’m so glad I did! Rekha’s therapy and advice have served me well on many occasions. The Aromatherapy helped soothe my symptoms without causing any side effects, and stopped it from turning into an asthma attack. Thank you, Rekha!

Hope R.

“Achieved A Meditative State”

Excellent calming work. I really felt we worked together to achieve a meditative state. I’d like to do it again.

Geoff S.

“Lifted My Energies; Restored and Balanced Me”

Star B.

“I feel that the Acupressure and Craniosacral Fascial Therapy sessions I received from Rekha helped me recover a lot faster than the doctors predicted I would be able to. ”

Six years ago I was involved in a very bad car accident. I had a spinal cord injury, a ruptured disc in my lower spine and a traumatic brain injury which was so severe that I could not talk for 3 months or understand what people were saying to me. I had such severe vestibular issues that I could not walk across the room without feeling nauseous. I also had a severe whiplash.

The Craniosacral Fascial Therapy and Bodymind Acupressure sessions with Rekha gave significant relief of dizziness, light sensitivity and noise sensitivity. They also improved my cognitive abilities. I was also damaged in the limbic area of the brain and was having constant panic attacks and the CFT and Acupressure therapy calmed the panic as well. It also relieved pain from my neck and my injured areas which were causing severe nerve pain.
I feel that the Acupressure and Craniosacral Fascial Therapy sessions I received from Rekha helped me recover a lot faster than the doctors predicted I would be able to. If you’re experiencing post accident or trauma symptoms, I highly recommend that you talk to Rekha about getting natural therapies like Craniosacral Fascial Therapy and Bodymind Acupressure.

Lino A.

Rekha’s work with Pets

“Pepper loved his Craniosacral Therapy sessions with Rekha. You should try it for your pet!”

In 2011 we decided to have Rekha come to our house to work on our labrador retriever Pepper using CST.  Pepper had sustained some injuries from trauma after another dog ran into and collided with him from behind – leaving him with a dislocated knee and some other issues.  While he seemed to recover initially it became apparent to us that he still did not seem quite right and was in pain as time went on after the incident.  Concerned with possible side effects from daily use of pain medicine we looked for alternatives.

Acupuncture definitely helped but we wanted to see if there was more we could do.  I happened to see Rekha’s business card one day at Animal Wellness, which is the vet we use.  Coincidentally during this period I had tried and found a great degree of improvement with Craniosacral Therapy for some issues I was having.  I wanted to try CST on Pepper.  I felt some of his lingering issues might be from tightness that happened after the trauma while he was healing.  I also very much felt Pepper suffered emotional trauma as, when the incident happened he had no way of seeing it coming and therefore was unable to prepare himself.

Rekha came out to our house for 5 sessions.  The first time she worked on Pepper for almost an hour before he signaled to her that he was done by quietly getting up and moving a few feet away to rest.  The second time she came he stretched out in anticipation as she knelt down to work on him as he found it both relaxing and just plain good.  He seemed to relax more in each session as she felt for, worked with and addressed any tightness within his body. 

Rekha is wonderful.  She listens to each animal and is able to sense and honor what they are telling her through their body language and expressions.  GettingCraniosacral Therapy really helped Pepper and I would encourage anyone considering it for their pet to give it a try.

Sandy O.