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Life is…


All life has consciousness.

Remember that as you eat your next meal be it of a fruit, vegetable, but more especially, of an animal.

Remember to give thanks for the life that was once alive, then served its purpose.  That life will become a part of you.

Allow, the consciousness of that life to make a connection to yours, to your life as it will allow you to serve in your purpose.

A thought –

When you begin to connect to the consciousness of life all around you, you become stronger and more resilient.  You live life feeling connected and supported, as well as uplifted when you need it.


How much have you been feeling connected to life lately?

Has anything been missing?

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Do you know…

PICT - Gingko leaves

…how to listen?

In a recent conversation with an individual they related something a physician had done to them that went against the intelligence of their body. Their body in response, protested.

I asked them how they FELT about the physician’s action. They told me instead what they THOUGHT.

The work I do teaches individuals to get in touch with their feelings and to trust the innate intelligence in their body.  The body knows – so very deeply what is right for it, and what isn’t.  All we have to do is listen.

How good can you say you’ve been at listening?

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“Alive Inside”

A gift of hope, of survival, of connection, of meaning, of compassion, of a dream from the heart and soul of Dan Cohen, MSW.

“Music gives us something we hunger deeply for, something we have pursued for thousands of years, we wired our very brains for.
We need music.

It awakens in us our most profound safety, the safety of living in concert with each other and our own selves.

And that is why together we’re going to do this one small kindness. We’re going to bring life into the places where it has been forgotten and
together we will listen.”

Questions to take home:

– What impact do you dream of having?

– What talents and passions can you easily share?

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