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Helping You Reach Out…

…for what isn’t easy.

Life gives us opportunities to grow and meet our potential.

But when it’s a door we haven’t been through before, it can be very scary.

So take a moment now to check in and ask yourself if you’d like to

▪  stay, exactly where you are
▪  go back to where it’s comfortable
▪  push through your limits, create new boundaries, make new friends, discover new adventures and grow shiny muscles.

Then choose,

What will make your heart jump,
What will help your light shine even brighter

and, help you stand proud, tall and strong.

We’re in this journey together, you and I.

Let’s keep each other moving forward!

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Sometimes we forget…

…to tell others how we feel

▪ to ask for what we need
▪ to remember to care
▪ the importance of creating space
▪ the feeling of freedom
▪ to nourish ourself
▪ that sleep could be the answer
▪ to give thanks

▪ to ask for help
▪ the importance of taking a break

But life gently reminds us, that living is important, breathing is a must, sleeping is necessary, stopping to rest is healthy, giving thanks brings even more, caring reflects it back on us and, asking for help can serve another.

Self reflection:

What have you forgotten about that you need most right now?

What can you do to manifest it in your life?

Who could you turn to to get the help you need?


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Jet Lagged…

PICT - Peppermint

…and feeling like my heart and emotions are in a couple of other places:)

I’ve just returned from visiting family abroad this past week and have been working on moving through jet lag and getting back into the groove.

It hasn’t been easy, because while my body is present here, my mind, heart and emotions seem to be connected to other far away places.

So, to help me boost my memory and stimulate my senses I turned to a familiar friend – Peppermint.  I’ve been using a drop of the essence in my green tea at least twice a day.  In addition, I’ve allowed myself to take it a little easier than usual so that I can come back more gently.

Aromatherapy is one of the best friends I use to help me move gently and effectively through any experience where I need mental, emotional or physical support.

If you know anyone or need help yourself with something emotional or physical that’s been a little trying recently, consider using Aromatherapy to help make the journey a little easier.  Learn more:Get Well With Aromatherapy