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Get Back Into Life

Has pain stopped you from doing the activities you love to do, like walking, hiking or practising yoga?

I’m working with someone who had to give up their yoga practice for over a year because of chronic pain that developed around their shoulders. Massage was their only option before they came to me. I introduced them to Craniosacral Fascial Therapy [CFT] and the benefits it could offer. I’m glad to report that in the first treatment they observed greater improvement than with any of the prior massages they had.

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Get More Comfortable In Your Body After Post Surgery

When we experience reduced pressure or strain in the connections between our tissues, we can exist more comfortably in our body.

A woman walked into the office looking lost and not very comfortable in her body. Her history included a number of surgeries and health issues. Instinctively I felt that she could benefit from my work and Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, so I invited her to try a sample. She was open to doing so. After the first session the swelling around her face had reduced noticeably. When she came in for her second session she mentioned that perhaps the inflammation had gone down in her body. Her face also looked better improved. It had better tone and color. When she came in today for her 3rd session her face actually looked beautiful and her skin tone and color had improved even more. Her face had lost some more weight around it. She noted that all the little pains in her back, shoulder and neck were much less. Her arm that was feeling tight was also feeling better.

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Babies Benefit!

Help babies to thrive and reach their full potential with Craniosacral Fascial Therapy
– Is your baby challenged with Constipation, Fussiness, Pain or Anxiety?
– Does your baby have trouble sleeping or listening?
Craniosacral Fascial can be an effective in addressing and resolving your baby’s health issues.

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Therapist Self Care

Given that I help others to feel ‘Yum!’ when I work on them, it’s even yummier when I get worked on.

As someone who helps others bring their health into balance and body back into alignment, I find it is important and necessary to make sure that I get regular bodywork myself.

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Migraine Respite

“I had only 2 days of migraines in 14 days after the last Craniosacral Fascial Therapy session” a patient reported to me happily when she came in.

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Migraine Relief

From a patient who came in complaining of migraines: I had 2 days of clarity and no fogginess after you worked on me for 20 minutes.

This patient’s history includes getting injured as a teen while performing a gymnastics routine, and as an adult being injured in a motor accident.

Her symptoms include daily debilitating migraines accompanied by nausea, fogginess, and inability to drive.

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Get Into Alignment

“I felt like my body was getting aligned when you were doing the Craniosacral Fascial Therapy on me”, said a patient to me today.

Your body needs to be in alignment in the same way that your car does.

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Being Empowered

You can’t be truly empowered if you don’t know who you are without your various identities of ‘mom’, ‘wife’ ‘sister’ ‘employee’ ‘dad’ ‘husband’, etc. It can be worth your while to take the time to discover who you are, to get to know ‘you’ like you would a friend or person you care about.

I believe you can’t truly empower someone if you don’t feel empowered within yourself.

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Staying Present

Mindfulness can make a difference in preventing injury that has the potential to carry through for a lifetime.

On a recent chair massage gig I had the opportunity to work on a former stripper who also did pole dancing. Mindfulness was far from her awareness one evening when she decided to have one too many to drink. She climbed her pole drunk. Unfortunately she decided to come down in a split. Where mindfulness would have saved her, the lack of it prevented her from stopping short before she met the ground. She landed dead center. The impact of the same travel up and down her body and left effects of pain and continual discomfort down her leg and up through her shoulders.

It pays to be mindful when it’s your life and body at stake.

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Protect Your Senses

DIORIENTATION is what I feel when the music is too loud in a closed room. When I go dancing and the music is louder than comfortable it takes me a few seconds to realize while I’m unable to focus on something I can otherwise do easily. Vibration stronger than what is normal or tolerable will disorient and rob you of your focus, clarity and awareness. I found that other inviduals feel similarly and carry earplugs with them. They can make a significant comfortable difference in making one’s experience healthy and enjoyable.

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