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2.5 Tips to Keep You Emotionally Focused, Grounded and Recharged


When you start to feel emotionally overwhelmed, off-track or confused, Find a Minute to pause, stop and be in silence.  You can do this standing, sitting or lying down.
Consciously take a minute to yourself. Know that it will make a difference in emotionally grounding you while helping you to feel emotionally saner and allow you to flow forward more easily.

If you have more than a minute, use what you have. 

Do you feel like sharing  the results that you experienced by just taking a moment to yourself to emotionally recharge and ground?  Let your loved ones know your benefits.


–  Recognize that what you don’t control is being taken care of.
–  Note the things that you can control.
–  Decide what’s Important: note the top 1-3 tasks that need your focus.
–  Shelve the remaining tasks.
–  Take a step forward on the 1-3 tasks that are important.


Take a minute to hug yourself for the great job you’ve been doing so far.

If these 2.5 tips to help keep you emotionally focused, grounded and recharged have been helpful to you, please share it or feel free to send me an email. 


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5 Simple Steps to Help You Stay Positive, Focused & Present in The Now

Here are 5 simple steps to take daily to help yourself stay focused, positive and present in the now:
1.  Take a few minutes each morning to acknowledge your progress and to count your blessings.
2.  Take 10 interrupted minutes to just sit/ stand / lie down. Allow yourself to simply FEEL.
3.  Take 2 minutes to bring in clarity, hope and joy.
4.  Make a plan of with 1-2 steps that will move you towards your goals.
5.  Take a minute to just love yourself. 

Following these steps at least once a day will allow you to start to feel so much more supported by YOURSELF, which in turn will allow you to stay focused and positively present in the now. 

If you’ve enjoyed these tips or found them to be beneficial, please share them or drop me a line.

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