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Becoming well often requires the process of asking for help. Healing takes time… Healing takes space. Healing takes darkness, and Healing takes grace. Healing takes softness with yourself, and towards others. Healing happens in layers. Healing requires getting in touch with what’s going on inside of you. Healing can take some time…

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We create patterns in our body as we move through life doing what we love, or have to do. We learn to hold our breath, to restrain our jaw, to freeze our mind, to store stress in our heart, back and belly. We learn that we can’t play, joke, be silly, or be open at home or work, or in the circles we move around. We close, shut down and don’t breathe as fully. We become stiff, inflexible, annoyed and irritated.

We develop patterns as a gender, male or female, based on what our family, society or significant continually tells us. It is possible to feel peace, calm and joy within those patterns. It’s when we aren’t happy, feeling joyful or fulfilled that we might need to question the pattern we’ve been in.

Do you feel stuck in a pattern you don’t know how to get out of?

Acupressure can help you to reconnect with yourself and transform your current ‘stuckness’ into flow and forward movement.

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The Key Is Communication

Every form of communication I have at my disposal has a clear advantage over another.

While one type may seem ‘advanced’ and easier to use than another, it may not be the most effective or optimal in conveying the significance, depth or nuance of what I need to communicate.
In order to develop conscious and valuable relationships, I attempt to choose the best and most effective form that will allow me to connect, engage and communicate optimally. No matter that the world around me demands and craves my attention non-stop.

How I make you feel matters, AND matters to me.

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