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Restore Yourself

One of my regular clients came in today and didn’t look great. She complained of abdominal discomfort that was remaining from a viral infection she had last week. She got violently ill and since then has not had a good full or complete bowel movement. Her bowels have been weak and leaving her feeling bloated and puffy. It’s health challenges like these that make natural, supportive effective therapies like Craniosacral Fascial Therapy and Bodymind Acupressure a deliciously warm tub of comfort to step in and sink one’s spirit and being into. Thirty minutes later she looked much brighter and more comfortable in her body.

Consider a session or two of natural therapies to bring YOU, and your health back into order!

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Putting You and Your Life Back in Order

On checking in with a new client after her first Craniosacral Fascial Therapy session I asked her how she felt and if she had noticed any changes.

‘I feel better!’ she said.

‘What do you mean?’ I replied.

She said it was hard to explain, then stopped to think about it.
‘It’s personal.’….. ‘The sex is better:)’ she whispered.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I guess I wasn’t aware of it before, but when my husband and I have sex I felt a pressure in my belly but after you worked on me, I didn’t feel that pressure anymore.’

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Get Connected & Get Help

A regular client came in today looking discolored, pale and not feeling great. She complained of abdominal discomfort that was significantly contributed to by the viral infection she had last week.

Since being violently ill she has not had a good, full or complete bowel movement. Her movements have been weak while leaving her feeling bloated and puffy.

At the end of the session my client looked much brighter and more comfortable in her body. Illness and injury can leave a lasting impact on your spirit, energy, emotion and tolerance, and can leave you more vulnerable to stress AND fatigue.

A session or two of restorative and healing bodywork can make a significant difference in restoring balance inside and outside of the body.

Are YOU struggling to move through the symptoms of a recent injury or illness?

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Stay Present

This week in conversation I was gifted with a strong reality check that but was unexpected and quite forceful in its impact.

I then found my brain effortfully trying to mesh the two realities: mine that I’d been holding on to, and the truth.

For the rest of the evening I felt my brain slow down considerably to rewire the new reality.

After a night’s sleep I feel more integrated although not fully encompassed.

Take time to stay present and support yourself when you encounter significant changes in your reality.

Sign up for a gentle hands on session of bodywork like Bodymind Acupressure® if you feel you need clarity or support!

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Recognize the Connection

While sharing an essence with a client recently he remarked ‘It smells like Florida flowers.” Scent has a strong connection to our emotion, memory, focus and energy. What natural fragrances or essential essences do you carry or wear or are on your must have list at home and work?

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Support is Important

In order to move with ease and confidence and counteract the challenges and stresses that can distract, overwhelm us or get us off track, I believe that it’s important to have and build a strong support system and network around ourselves.

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Empowering the Individual

I feel immensely grateful that a client I made a recommendation to a couple years ago to support their health and to empower them, has grown in their own awareness and connection with themselves that they strongly feel the need to continue my recommendation.😊 What support system(s) are you and your health surrounded with?

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Self Care…

Helping my clients resolve their health issues and keep their health in order serves as a strong reflection for me to pay attention to my own health. I have become much more aware of what get me off balance, causes me stress or doesn’t serve or support me. If you haven’t considered bodywork as part of your health and wellness routine I encourage you to consider doing so. I do and find the support I get from my sessions invaluable.

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Check Yourself!

If you can’t use your own voice to defend your desires, to support your needs or to speak up for yourself, I believe that you are not empowered, and cannot empower others.

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