Learning Opportunity

Learning Opportunity

Chair massage gigs provide me with an opportunity to meet diverse groups of people. Depending on the location and type of workforce in a company they may be fun and talkative, or serious and reserved.

I happen to do a gig at a facility that had the former group of People.

They were of the working class, packers, drivers, managers and machine operators.

In massaging them I encountered tight forearms hardened by tying and lifting boxes. I met hands that were rough and worn and whose fascia had become restricted and altered from repetitive, strained movements. These people stand on hard concrete floors that hurt their feet and wear their joints.

I met eager and exhausted drivers ready to jump onto or fall asleep on my chair.

I had conversations about long distance relationships and about an aunt who had lived past a hundred.

I had a woman who had decided to come in for a sample based on recommendations but was very suspect about me and my chair. She was sure about what I was going to do. She even clarified if I was going to ‘crack her’.

She pulled back defensively when I asked her to remove her glasses, and then decided that she did not want to sit on the massage chair.

So my approach became much softer and involved with this woman. She then felt comfortable during the sample to ask, ‘When does a person feel relaxed?’ 🙂

While a massage chair isn’t the more ideal or attractive option to give a massage it does provide an opportunity to experience some interesting and unique interactions 🙂

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