Get More Comfortable In Your Body After Post Surgery

Get More Comfortable In Your Body After Post Surgery

When we experience reduced pressure or strain in the connections between our tissues, we can exist more comfortably in our body.

A woman walked into the office looking lost and not very comfortable in her body. Her history included a number of surgeries and health issues. Instinctively I felt that she could benefit from my work and Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, so I invited her to try a sample. She was open to doing so. After the first session the swelling around her face had reduced noticeably. When she came in for her second session she mentioned that perhaps the inflammation had gone down in her body. Her face also looked better improved. It had better tone and color. When she came in today for her 3rd session her face actually looked beautiful and her skin tone and color had improved even more. Her face had lost some more weight around it. She noted that all the little pains in her back, shoulder and neck were much less. Her arm that was feeling tight was also feeling better.

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