Therapeutic Bodywork for Your Pet

Did you know that your pet can benefit as much from the bodywork that I offer as you can? Pets love to be lavished with love and attention, so I find that they are often even more receptive than people.

I have found my work to be effective for both dogs and cats, suffering with the ailments of aging such as hip pain and arthritis all the way through young puppies and kittens who can be simply adjusting to their new home.

Therapeutic bodywork can help with any anxiety issues hat your pet has as well as with behavioral issues and immune system weaknesses. Natural cortisone is released which helps relieve joint swelling and other inflammation in your dog or cat’s body.

The most important factor is to find a therapist that both you and your pet feel comfortable with.

Are you wondering if your pet would benefit from my work?

Contact me to learn if your pet’s health issues can benefit from natural therapies.

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