Jet Lagged…

PICT - Peppermint

…and feeling like my heart and emotions are in a couple of other places:)

I’ve just returned from visiting family abroad this past week and have been working on moving through jet lag and getting back into the groove.

It hasn’t been easy, because while my body is present here, my mind, heart and emotions seem to be connected to other far away places.

So, to help me boost my memory and stimulate my senses I turned to a familiar friend – Peppermint.  I’ve been using a drop of the essence in my green tea at least twice a day.  In addition, I’ve allowed myself to take it a little easier than usual so that I can come back more gently.

Aromatherapy is one of the best friends I use to help me move gently and effectively through any experience where I need mental, emotional or physical support.

If you know anyone or need help yourself with something emotional or physical that’s been a little trying recently, consider using Aromatherapy to help make the journey a little easier.  Learn more:Get Well With Aromatherapy

Transitions: 3 Simple Steps to Conquer Them With Ease

Transitions can be scary, whether they are in the form of relationship changes, a career change, or an age related transition.

Here are 3 simple tips to help you conquer them with grace and ease.

1.  Embrace (Take Action)

Even while the transition is imminent, it can prove to be less stressful if you consciously choose to embrace it and welcome it as part of your journey.  Opening the door to change will allow you to move and flow through the unexpected twists and turns with far less energy and emotion than you might otherwise have put out.

Taking ACTION is the bigger half of embracing imminent change or transition, and taking massive action, can become the difference in creating de-stressing and energy enhancing movements of FLOW, rather than those of Fight or Flight.

2.  Be Grateful (Acceptance)

When your choices are to adjust or to ignore, choose the key that will keep the open the door to opportunity and grace.  Being grateful for what is present is an act of faith that one is always being taken care of.

If you choose to accept the belief that EVERYTHING has been set up to assist you in achieving your dream, goal, wish or desire, you’ll recognize change as an opportunity to redefine, rediscover and reinvent yourself.

A faith quote reminder:

You don’t always have to know why; you just need to follow the signs  😉 

3.  Focus (Support)

While change an transition can create a bigger demand for your attention, emotion and energy, continually keeping sight of your priorities as your bottom line will help you to use your energy and time more efficiently.

Additionally, it is important to surround yourself with adequate support wherever you need it.  This also implies reaching out and asking for it, which can then go a long way, in ensuring that your attention and energy are invested exactly where they are needed.

What tips can YOU share that help create greater ease (for you) during periods of transition or significant change?

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